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Eczema In Infants

Long time no share articles, I am quite busy at a new job. But I will not forget this blog to continue to share. This time I will share knowledge about eczema in infants.

Signs of eczema baby that the baby's skin color will be red and crusty like. It is common in the early months of your baby's age. There are several cases of baby eczema looks very intimidating because of the majority of the skin. Eczema in babies is a common thing and we can do to reduce the effect of therapy. But first we need to know if our baby eczema or other skin diseases.

Eczema in infants (eczema baby / infant eczema) is also called atopic dermatitis appear in 10% -15% of infants. Characteristics are red patches appear to be felt itchy, dry, and rough. Eczema can appear anywhere on the body but mostly found on the cheeks and folds in the baby's hands and feet. Sometimes confused with the symptoms of eczema Cradle Crap (both red spots on the skin). Only cradle crap will usually disappear when the baby is 8 months old. Cradle Crap also usually only occurs on the scalp, sides of the nose, eyelids and eyebrows, and behind the ears.

Why Emerging eczema in infants?
Eczema is caused when the body makes too little ceramides. Ceramides are fat cells that helps to provide protection to the skin. If you do not have enough of Ceramides skin will lose water and become very dry.

Heredity is a major factor when baby eczema. If your mother or father had a history of eczema, babies are much more likely to be affected as well. Another factor is the presence of defects in the skin barrier that allows moisture is lost and the germs get into.

Is eczema in babies will heal by itself or continuous?
Fortunately, most children will be lost irritation itching eczema before school age. Only a small portion of eczema symptoms is carried into adulthood.

What triggers eczema in infants / children?
Each baby may have different factors. However there are some general eczema triggers to avoid:
Dry skin
This is often caused by low humidity, usually in an air-conditioned room. Dry skin can make more baby eczema itch.

Note on baby clothes worn, perfume, body soap, and everything will be in contact with baby's skin. It can all trigger eczema flare baby. Choose the type of clothing that uses organic materials, and also needs to choose a soap-shampoo baby skin is very sensitive.

When a child / infant stress can raise the itching, skin irritation, and other eczema symptoms increase.

Heat and sweat
Both heat and sweat can make baby eczema itch worse.

Allergens. There is still debate whether food allergies in children trigger eczema. Some experts believe that eliminating cow's milk, peanuts, eggs, or certain fruits of a child's diet can help control the symptoms of eczema.

Thus this article, may be useful for you. Note the cleanliness and food intake in infants and your children. Thank you

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